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PHP Operators

This section lists the different operators used in PHP.

Arithmetic Operators

Operator  Description	    Example           Result
+         Addition	     x=2 x+2	         4 
-         Subtraction       x=2  5-x	         3 
*         Multiplication    x=4  x*5	        20 
/         Division	     15/5                 3
%         Modulus           5%2                  1

++	  Increment	     x=5 x++	       x=6 
--	  Decrement	     x=5 x--	       x=4 
Examples on Increment & Decrement operators
Assignment Operators

Operator Example Is The Same As

Operator	Description		   Example

=		x=y		      x=y 
+=		x+=y			x=x+y 
-=		x-=y			x=x-y 
*=		x*=y			x=x*y 
/=		x/=y			x=x/y 
%=		x%=y			x=x%y 
Comparison Operators
Operator		 Description			Example
==			is equal to		           5==8 returns false 
!=			is not equal			5!=8 returns true 
>			is greater than			5>8 returns false 
<			is less than			5<8 returns true 
>=			is greater than or equal to  5>=8 returns false 
<=			is less than or equal to     5<=8 returns true 
Logical Operators
Operator		Description    	Example
&&			and x=6 y=3    (x < 10 && y > 1) returns true
||			or x=6  y=3    (x==5 || y==5) returns false
!			not x=6 y=3    !(x==y) returns true

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